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The kernel of wheat is a natural miracle, a storehouse of nutrients that people have needed and used for thousands of years - the "staff of life."
Let's take a look at our basic building block. Each kernel has three parts:
  1. The ENDOSPERM is the largest part, with 83 percent of the kernel's mass. It contains the largest amount of starch and is packed with protein, iron, and B vitamins.
  2. The BRAN is the fiber-rich outer layer that makes up about 14.5 percent of the kernel and contains protein and B-complex vitamins.
  3. The GERM is the nutrient-rich embryo, the sprouting section packs abundant E and B-complex vitamins and trace minerals.
Yes, we love whole grains. They've been our forte for more than 30 years. The main reason? We think they make the most incredible tasting loaf of bread on the planet. But it's true, whole grains are good for you too. And most of us don't eat enough of them.
Great whole-grain, whole-wheat bread doesn't need a lot of ingredients. In fact, five pure, simple ingredients are all it takes: whole-wheat flour, filtered water, fresh yeast, salt, and something sweet (usually a local honey). Bread is best when you keep it simple. It's even better when you use the highest quality ingredients you can find.
For us, that means fresh-grinding all of our wheat. Just like fresh ground coffee beans make a better cup of coffee, fresh ground grains of wheat make a better tasting - and better for you! - loaf of bread. For the best whole-wheat taste, it's important to rush flour from the mill to the mixing bowl. Until you taste bread that fresh, chances are you've never really tasted the true flavor of wheat.
As far as preservatives go, forget about it! Great Harvest breads have never been made with preservatives or artificial additives of any kind... and they never will. Thanks to our special scratch-made process, our breads still stay fresh for up to ten days (if you can keep your hands off it that long!).