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As you probably guessed, we're all about bread. But since so many other good things go so very well with bread, we couldn't stop there. Of course the best way to see everything we offer is to drop by and browse, but until you get here, we offer this quick sketch of what you'll find in our store.
  White, wheat, rye, sweet, specialty... many are made from whole grains that we mill fresh right in the store. In fact, we have so many heavenly recipes we can't bake them all in one day! So check our calendar to see what we're featuring from one day to the next.
  Cookies, brownies, muffins, scones... nothing like a freshly baked treat to round out a meal or satisfy a mid-afternoon craving. And when the treat is made from such wholesome ingredients as ours, there's no need to resist.
  Nobody does sandwiches like we do, but perhaps we have an unfair advantage. After all, we start with our own fragrant, whole-grain, new-baked bread -- and it only gets better from there. In fact, a lunch that includes a nutritious Great Harvest sandwich is as far removed from a fast-food lunch as you can imagine, but that doesn't mean it isn't fast! Use our convenient fax order form and your made-to-order meal will be ready when you are.
  When you want to make somebody feel extra-extra special, consider a basket of Great Harvest goodies as a gift. We've got "standard" ones to make your shopping easy, but we also delight in putting together custom baskets that contain anything you choose. That way you know you've got the perfect gift!
  Oh, goodie. Now's your chance to stock up on the most delightful comestibles you could possibly think of pairing with Great Harvest bread... pure sweet honey or jam... or for home baking without the fuss, try our mixes!
  Not only do we help you set a nutritious table, we have the bread boards, knives, utensils, and other accessories so essential to a well-appointed kitchen. We select our products for value, durability, and design, so expect to find the very best at a very good price!